Clinical Supervision: Its importance to hypnotherapists and why you might like to consider training as a supervisor

Why is supervision important? Is supervision a necessary evil – a bit of a nuisance that we just have to do in order to maintain professional memberships or, is it something of real value that can enhance our effectiveness as a practitioner through becoming more reflective and focused on what we are doing in our … Read more

Want to train as a coach?

Coaching is an interactive process that helps people to identify and establish objectives. It is a conversation that takes place between individuals or teams and their coach, to help them develop skills, make improvements in their performance or to set goals for the future. Coaching, unlike mentoring is not about teaching or telling; it is … Read more

Tapping your way out of trouble – how Clinical Hypnosis can integrate with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for achieving rapid and effective changes

EFT is sometimes described is a gift. Its results can sometimes be seen as almost magical – it can certainly be seen that way when someone is able to let go of a long held fear or to overcome a major craving, completely, in a matter of minutes. Should it be dismissed as purely quackery, … Read more