9th June 2017

Just Do It!! – Hypnotherapy Recharge… Making it onto the starting grid and beyond…

Do you recognise any of the following self-descriptions? – if so you will be far from alone!

  • - I’ve completed my course but never got started in practice
  • - I never completed my qualification
  • - I’m way past the two-year time limit for qualification
  • - I don’t think I have the confidence to pick it up again now – even though I’d like to
  • - Life got in the way but I’ve always wished I could pick hypnotherapy up again
  • - Even though I got started in practice – I just haven’t had enough practice and need a boost


If any of the above describes you the following information might just be music to your ears. It’s now possible to get help to qualify / launch / re-launch yourself as a therapist no matter how long ago your initial training was! You can now be re-registered for the HPD and receive additional tuition to help you succeed with it.

It’s all too easy to think that you’ve let a new career opportunity irrevocably slide away. Knowing that you have learnt how to offer a wonderful range of therapeutic skills but have so far not been in a position to offer a service to those very people who need your help, can be upsetting and de-motivating.

Now, help is at hand. Central England College is offering a new, intensive two-day course, with a limited number of attendees, to help you get back on track, motivated and on target for a rewarding and successful hypnotherapy career. This new, content filled two days covers:

  • - Re-training in the key skills and strategies in achieving effective change with hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching
  • - Updating your training – our courses are constantly evolving with new material being included
  • - A simple strategy for integration of therapeutic styles, cognitive behavioural, solution focussed, psychodynamic, non-directive (Ericksonian)
  • - Demonstrations and role play exercises to remind yourself of the practical skills
  • - New ideas – resources for practice building / marketing, including an effective social media approach


Nick Cooke and Rachel Broomfield are presenting this two-day ‘Just Do It!! – Hypnotherapy Recharge’ practical training at Central England College on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th November 2017. The attendance fee is £240, inclusive of all training resources. Please see CPD section on the back page

10th May 2017

‘Mind Wide Open – Foundation Day’

The Central England College (CEC) Mind Wide Open – Foundation / Introductory Day is now open to all students as a way for them to gain some additional practice and carry out some networking. It is presented five times annually on the First Sundays of January, March, June, September and November, running from 10.00 AM to 4.30 PM.

This one-day course provides a valuable introduction / foundation to clinical hypnosis (hypnotherapy), Mindfulness, NLP and Coaching. Participants will experience going into hypnosis themselves as well as learning how to take someone else safely and easily into and out of hypnosis. Participants will also learn some NLP models for rapid change and some of the basic skills of mindfulness and coaching.

The day is a highly practical and fun way to learn and is primarily intended as an introduction for those considering training at CEC. As from Sunday 4th June 2017, all current and former students are invited to attend in order to refresh their skills, gain additional practice and network with a wider community. On each Mind Wide Open day some additional themes will be introduced so no two days will ever be the same.

On the 4th June the themes will be: ‘When does rapport begin, some additional tools to develop it, and some ideas for maintaining it throughout therapy’. The other theme is ‘A simple self-help tool for building confidence’.

Places can be booked by calling 0121 444 1110 or emailing info@cecch.com

You can also find more information in the Professional Practitioner Programme Prospectus

5th December 2013

New Psychotherapy and Counselling Accreditation for Central England College

Exciting news for all students and graduates. The college’s Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching Diploma is now accredited by The National Register of Psychotherapists and Counsellors (NRPC) in recognition of the high level and standard of psychotherapy interventions covered in our training. Graduates of our courses will be able to register as members of NRPC, which is the sister organisation of APHP which already accredits our courses.

The NRPC website http://www.nrpc.co.uk says:

‘NRPC is not simply a register of psychotherapists and counsellors that anybody can apply to join; all our members are required to show full details of their training and further education in the field of psychotherapy and counselling and must be able to show a high level of competence in their craft before they can be registered with us. In addition, they are subject to annual review, must demonstrate adherence to a strict code of ethics and must carry full professional indemnity insurance specifically for psychotherapy and counselling activities. In addition our members are committed to Continual Professional Development in order to maintain awareness of, and competence in, the latest techniques and methodologies available to provide expert care to their clients.’

College expands its training courses into London and Bristol

Central England College’s Hypnotherapy practitioner Diploma course is also tutored in Manchester and Stoke on Trent by Liz Amesbury of Align training.

As from 2014 the training is also being offered in London by Lorraine McReight, whose phone numbers are 0208 947 3338 and 07525 012221. Her email address is info@hynotherapytraining-london.co.uk.

In Bristol and the South West the trainer is Hilary Norris-Evans, whose phone numbers are 01285 655629 and 07887 714892. Her email address is getmindfit@hotmail.com

Yvonne’s 5 minute Angels

Central England College is supporting this charity in memory of our former student Yvonne Barraclough who died in August 2013. She and her husband Michael both trained on our Hypnotherapy Diploma course last year. Yvonne was a very brave, compassionate person who always had some time to give others, no matter how busy or tired she was herself.

The mission of the charity is to provide support to people in emotional need by offering them a helping hand, in the form of brief supportive conversations. ‘Angels’ are trained providers of support with skills in some basic counselling and in developing emotional resilience. At the conversations Angels will give out an invitation to the person in need, inviting them to come to a one-day ‘event’ where they can receive more support, network with others in need of emotional support and themselves learn to become Angels.

In this way it is hoped that the charity will become self-perpetuating, subject to funding.